Walk across St.-Petersburg

Some photo from walk in the centre St.-Petersburg:

Horses on Palace Square
Don't touch!:)

Fortress St.-Petersburg
Standard, regular view of Fortress St.-Petersburg, city heart.

Tow and barges — ships
Joyful yellow tow.

Meteor — Rivers and channels
The meteor brings passengers from Kronstadt (or from Lomonosov).

Helicopter platform on the Hare island, photo — Aircraft
From walls Peter and Paul Fortress, in good weather, tourists are fly by helicopter Mi-8.

I Want to work! Photo — car

Souvenir's magnets
In Peter and Paul Fortress are on sale amusing magnets with average Putin-Medvedev (an old Internet joke).

Everything, has swept to the house. All photo for this day, a tow it is, of course, daring is better!


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