Trip to Mauritius: Flic-en-Flac

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In small town at west coast Mauritius Flic-en-Flac we have arrived in evening. Small town as small town — anything remarkable. Many small little shops, shopping centre.

Beach of Flic-en-Flac
Beach has appeared very crowded, unlike other places what we visit.

Street verandah of cafe in the form of a boat
Street verandah of cafe in the form of a boat.

Little shop without glasses
Climate all year warm, glasses also are not necessary — only shutters.

 Under construction small house
Small house with «Russian» roof. Here the such do not meet, roofs everywhere flat or with a small inclination of a roof.

Gate with a swastika
Gate with a Hindu swastika.

Prayer small house on a balcony of the house of Hindus
Prayer small house on a balcony of the house of Hindus. Such in each city and continually. And red flags with reigion symbolics.

Christian figurine
Small figurine of Maiden Maria near small shop.

Hindu little shops
Hindu little shops. All signboards self-made and faded from the sun (and swastika too).

Little shops
Roadside small shops.

 Traffic lights
Traffic lights. For pedestrians one section — both green and red signals.

Palm tree with a garland
Palm tree with a garland. Well what to do, New Year, but fur-trees wasn't.

Has returned back on a city beach.
Hindus come on a beach thoroughly: with tents, braziers, chairs. Even here any fires have laid up.

Having a rest run plate.

Sunset on a beach
Sunset on a beach. On it we were curtailed and have gone home.


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