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It seemed to me that there is modernity exclusively in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. What was my surprise from traveling around Russia, that buildings in such an architectural style came across to me in different cities. And modern art is one of my favorite styles.

St. Petersburg

Captain Jack Sparrow :) in some approximation, yes.

In the frame, besides the clown, there is still a monument to Lenin and a pleasant modernity along Bolshoi Prospect V. O.

Behind Ilyich - Administration of Vasileostrovsky District, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospect V.O., 55A.

House V. A. Druzhinin

House V.A. Druzhinina ( 1911 ), a unique sample of a wooden house (!) In the Art Nouveau style. Object of cultural heritage of local importance.

Kazan, st. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, 2.

Monument to Chokan Velikhanov
Monument to Chokan Velikhanov ( 1835 - 1865 ), an outstanding Kazakh scientist, a graduate of the Omsk Cadet Corps, an officer of the Siberian Cossack army on the same street in Omsk. In the old mansion behind the monument (Chokan Velikhanov St., 9) housed the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Former Architect House).

Zaitsev House
Zaitsev House is one of the few buildings in Vologda in the Art Nouveau style. Prospect Victory, 25.

House E. G. Shangina
House E. G. Shanginoy, mansion of the early XX century in the Art Nouveau style. Reconstruction 1984.
Yekaterinburg, st. Karl Liebknecht, 32.

Vakhrameev Mansion
Former mansion Vakhrameev, now Yaroslavl Regional Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital. Yaroslavl.

Fire Tower
Fire tower - built in 1912 on the site of burnt wooden, with a height of 48 meters is one of the highest in Russia. Rybinsk.

The author of the project is architect I. K. Hotin.

Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History
Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History, Krasny Prospect, 23. The building of the City Trade Building was erected in 1910 according to the design of architect Andrei Dmitrievich Kryachkov in the rationalistic modern style. Museum since 1920. Novosibirsk

Sculpture "Steelmaker reads the newspaper"
The sculpture "Steelmaker reads a newspaper" near the estate of P. M. Utyakov (wooden house of the 1900s, located at Yekaterinburg, Klara Zetkin St., 1). Now the Sverdlovsk Union of Journalists ( House of Journalists ) is located in the house. Well, from the very sculpture, I something strongly mad. Wooden Art Nouveau I saw only once - in Kazan.

I will continue to collect a collection of such photos.


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