Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 4

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City-hero Sevastopol, continuation. The beginning: Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Monetary bench, photo — Sevastopol
Monetary bench. The most ingenious advertising gimmick of nearby shop of leather goods and gifts.

Mail boxes — Sevastopol

Mail boxes still Soviet, and a paint likely Ukrainian (mail boxes in Russia are dark blue).

Exotarium. Has learnt a new word.


In a column the rowing screw on the right. Such to me still did not meet anywhere.


All in gathering: Putin, Dzerzhinsky, Suvorov, Stalin, Lenin, allegorical Catherine II (likely), Alexander II, Alexander III and Nikolay II.

Souvenir magnets
City at sea, accordingly, all subjects of souvenir production — sea.

Monument to the first defence of Sevastopol of 1854-1855
Two pleasant low monuments to the first defence of Sevastopol of 1854-1855. Quay Klokacheva.

Monument to the first defence of Sevastopol of 1854-1855

Monument to the first defence of Sevastopol of 1854-1855

Ferries — Sevastopol
Sevastopol bay to go round far, to it faster and is easier — on the ferry.

car ferry Departure
Car ferry departure.


Amusing Neptune/posejdon
Amusing Neptune/posejdon.

Huge admiral's anchors and huge bollard
Huge admiral's anchors and huge bollard. Bollard me has absolutely shaken in the sizes. And here lanterns defective (small for this place).

Cape Crystal
Cape Crystal. In the distance well-known «Sailor and Soldier».

Lanterns — Sevastopol
Likely Pixar.

Huge dark blue building.


White People
White People ( o/ ).

Boat and anchor at entrance in cafe
Boat and anchor at entrance in cafe, the frequent phenomenon in the Crimean seaside cities. Well and in Sevastopol itself.

House with unusual ledges
House with unusual ledges. Something with a stylisation to fortification.

Shop advertising
Russian flags in Sevastopol is absolute EVERYWHERE.

Selfie :)

Lazarev Square
Lazarev Square.

Burro, photo — Sevastopol
Burro in tricolor.

nknown fantastic construction in rest park
Unknown fantastic construction in rest park.

As I wrote in the previous posts: with water in Crimea very hardly (thanks ukrainians - they block water transfer).


Green street

Escalator in the BAR
Escalator in the BAR (!) Cried.

Drinking fountain
Drinking fountain. Too without water.

Cinema «Victory»
Cinema «Victory»

Figure of sailor
Nearby a figure of sailor.

Figures of infantrymen
And two infantrymen.

Cinema wall
On a wall alternating bas-reliefs — sailor and soldier.


Anchor at an entrance in cafe

Monument to the commander-in-chief of the Navy
Monument to the commander-in-chief of Navy Kuznetsov (with the beaten off letters).

From above, over a door when there was a year of construction (likely). Now a lantern with the Ukrainian instruction.

Health from a bee
Health from a bee. A ridiculous easy narcotism.

House with columns


Surprising beauty garages.


And here she has sadly started wandering somewhere on affairs. Yes, lampposts attractive.


Door and tree
Door. And behind it — a tree (!) Suddenly.


Modernist style
has unexpectedly stumbled about a modernist style. This style in Sevastopol more anywhere did not come across to me.

Memorable tablet to Suvorov
Memorable tablet to Suvorov (he has suggested Catherine II to build a city here).

House with columns

Masterpiece of national architecture.

Arch between houses
Frequent phenomenon in Sevastopol — here such arches between houses.

Cinema «Friendship»
Cinema «Friendship». In killed condition any it. Similar also it was clumsily reconstructed.

Ushakov's Square.

Dramatic theatre
Looks like railroad station, but it is Dramatic theatre.

to be continue


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