How to drink Russian vodka

Non-russians foreigners little to know about vodka, besides that drunk bears deadly fall.

You can't drink vodka alone. It's alcoholism. It is possible to drink 1-2 glasses during lunch, but it not drink — only for better digestion of food components; yes for better results in second half of work day.

If to drink, then it's necessary:
  • company of the best friends, optimum — 3-4 (old saying: «to think for three»);
  • dense fat snack (meat, herring, onion, salads, bread);
  • vodka (!) 2-4 bottles.

You should eat well in advance. Required.

Have gathered? Settle? Have gone!

  • vodka poured into glasses;
  • dialogue begins;
  • toast! first glass!
  • had a snack;
  • etc. yet it's not required to run in shop for continue

Foreigners asked me: what do Russian speak when clink glasses? Americans — Cheers, Finns — Kippis, Polish — Na zdrowie (almost as we).

Russian are going to drink vodka not only to drink vodka (though also it too) but to talk with good people. Well, and to drink vodka, yeah!

The vodka poured into glasses and nobody doesn't take and doesn't start to drink alone. Especially mauveton — to drink in the company when others don't drink. All in company drink simultaneously and only by command, this command is called a toast. Let's imagine a book: somebody from company tells something, for example about the politic, dialogue as page of «book» finished, and one says a toast logically finishing previous dialogue: «Well, for Putin!» Clink glasses and simultaneously and fast drink. As we are saying in Russia: drink as «volley» (immediately empty glass at all). Vodka poured into glasses again and waits for a next toast, which will be through 10 or 30 minutes. Next dialogue begins, next chapter of «book»). Toasts don't repeat! It some rule of «game».

In Caucasus the tradition is even more artful and more difficult: the toast is the whole story-parable; short, but capacious story. If the story was about wisdom so the toast and will come to the end: «For wisdom!» All this story — toast.

It is considered that clinking glasses Russian speak «Will be healthy!» Or «for health!». It not so. If tast «drink health», that already fantasy finished and all are drunk.

If a toast about died person, russians don't clink glasses and drink silently.

Vodka is never diluted! Glasses for vodka are special - small, 50-70 ml.

«Ваше здоровье!» («Your health!»)

Salad Olivie


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